MGA Fixedhead Coupe Rally car

351STE started life much like many of her brothers and sisters, UK RHD home market car in road trim until the mid 90’s when 351STE was transformed into a very capable endurance rally car. A car which has was set up and competed in 1998 Monte Carlo Challenge, 1999 Winter Challenge, 2000 Classic Marathon, 2001 Rallye de Paris and finally the 2002 Monte Carlo Historique. To prepare the car for these events 351STE had the fuel tank and sump guards fitted, Halda trip meter, front spot lamps, OMP rally seats with four-point harness and roll cage.

In 2006 when 351STE was retired from long distance rallying, a new chapter of adventures lay ahead. This time with 1860cc fully balanced fast road engine. Two stage head, featuring bigger valves, raised compression and lightened flywheel. A five-speed gearbox was also installed. The benefit of the 5-speed box and larger capacity makes the car a hoot to drive on the raod, also making longer trips enjoyable and slightly more relaxing. Whilst the engine work was being done the bodywork wasn’t neglected after her rallying adventures she was sporting some battle scares! This was rectified with new heritage sills and wings being filled, along will the front valences. The 351STE was then treaded to a fresh coat of red paint with contrast old English white roof… the wire wheels were superseded a set of stylish minilite type wheels…. 

In recent year 351STE has had minimal use and as such the car is now offered for sale, available for immediate use in a range of motorsport disciplines or as a very capable road car.

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