MG PA Chassis clothed in a seductive Q type body.
Upfront is a supercharged MG six-cylinder which propels this special with attitude and enthusiasm. A real head-turner whether, in the paddock or the high street.   

In 1934 when new BMB619 was registered to Cheshire constabulary, some 80 years later following reimagining by Triple M racing member Chris Smith your more than likely to be chased by your local constabulary!

Chris and his family have been part of the Triple M racing community for years and there understanding of all things MG is absolute. His vision was to make a very capable 6 cylinder special dressed with the instantly recognisable Q type coachwork. Fitting the NA chassis in to a four cylinder chassis required some lateral thinking, the solution was to move the chassis mounting for the rear spring hanging to the further most rear cross member thus extending the cars wheelbase. With 3ft 9 inch axles and 7ft 10 inch wheelbase the chassis is correct to original Q type MG dimensions.

The car has been comprehensively rebuilt, the engine has benefited to modern Phoenix crank and rods. To help with racing condition and modern traffic MG TA hydraulic brakes where fitted, this help keep increased performance in check. The 1300cc engine which is blown at 10 lbs, courtesy of a forward mounded Volumex supercharger, which sits under front valance. A MG manual gearbox has been utilised, rather than the more fashionable much heavier Pre-select.

The previous owner proved the car to be quite capable during the 2017/18 seasons Triple M register events. When we offered the car for sale last August the car soon found a new owner overseas. A change in direction with his personal automotive collection means the car is now back on the market, and ready for immediate use and an opportunity not to missed.

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