Alvis Speed 20 SC Charlesworth

Alvis car number 17257 is a Speed 20 SC with Charlesworth saloon coachwork, registered on the 21st March 1935. The factory records state that the car was finished in grey with a light blue leather interior. With the help of Red Triangle (RT) I have been able to piece together the very early history of this car. The first owner seems to be a Mrs K Hollas of Grimsargh Nr Preston on the 30th March, this helps explain the Preston RN registration number. In 1946 ownership transferred to a company located near Warrington.

I offer the car on behalf of a family member who remembers travelling in the car as a boy aged less than 10, his cousin had purchased the car from the second owner when he was aged just 21, in the year 1950! Currently, the history file hasn’t been located, so I have approached living links whom I knew were acquainted with the then owner, and remember the car very well. My Godfather is one of these, he remembers seeing the car and meeting the owner at a fuel station where he worked in the late 1960 ’s. The restoration had just been completed, with its gleaming black paintwork, at this point still retained the original light blue leather.

I have obtained duplicate invoices and correspondents with RT which will come with the car. These cover the years 1961 to 1968, itemising many chassis and engine components. All of which you would associate with a chassis and engine restoration of a car. As an employee of British Aero Space, its fair to state the owner was well placed to take on such a restoration personally. Once completed, the car was used sparingly, I personally remember seeing the car on larger Preston Vintage Car Club events, when I was younger. The car today is as well turned out as I remember, in fact, I think it has aged better than I…..

With the failing health of this long-term owner, the title was passed on to the vendor and cousin in 2016, as it had been held on SORN for a number of years. The vendor had well respected Alvis restorer Mick Fletcher look over the car before using her in earnest. This included a pair of new fuel pumps, new batteries and full fluids service. With every good intent comes the reality of owning a car of these nature. Having personally driven the car to my showroom for the vendor's home along very narrow and winding roads I can understand his arrival at his conclusion to dispose of the car. This drive did provide me with a great insight into the car, everything seemed to work as is should, with strong oil pressure and good engine temperature.

The biscuit interior leather and has been done more recently and compliments the black exterior very well, nicely detailed it’s a pleasant place to be, even with the open sky roof closed. The exterior is still very presentable, being hypercritical the chrome work could be refreshed. The car presents in immediately ready to use condition at what I feel is a very sensible price for a car of this quality, this is a car is one you should be taking a closer look at.

The Alvis Speed 20 SC model benefited from the larger 2762cc six-cylinder over the original SA & SB variants. This improvement along with the all synchromesh gearbox which was first introduced SB model. The SC is a much more responsive feel than the SB, in fact, it is probably the best of the transverse leaf speed 20 model due in part to the larger engine capacity, improved gearbox and relatively lightweight compared to the 1936 SD model.

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