Who are we?
Tom Hardman Limited (THL) has been selling vintage and pre-war sport and racing cars in the Shadows of Stonyhurst College near Clitheroe since 2010. The business specialises in a subject close to Tom’s heart, having grown up surrounded by vintage machinery from an early age. Throughout Tom’s formative years the family’s only car was a vintage car; a trusty steed that he remembers delivering him to school every day and even to his first day of gainful employment. Since the early days, THL has been blessed in its aim to build a strong network of clients both on home soil in England and internationally. We are very proud of the good reputation THL enjoys amongst its clients, who happily recommend our services and us to their friends, colleagues and fellow enthusiasts.
How it all started…
Tom’s own interest in historic cars was ignited by a chance visit to VSCC Prescott in the early 1990s. Once the seed was planted, this interest grew and grew, and led to Tom finally fulfilling his ambition to compete in a vintage car in 2001 at the annual VSCC Prescott Hill Climb, in a car which he had largely built himself following the passing of his father, Philip Hardman, in 1998.Tom made an instant name for himself on track at this first foray in his Austin 7, which was known as the B&Q Special.

Following a change of occupation in 2004, a potent Frazer Nash Supersport soon joined the Austin 7. Tom spent the next couple of years racing both cars until a track accident in 2007 during testing, the evening before the VSCC’s annual Cadwell Park meeting. After a long road to recovery, Tom returned to work where he met his now-wife Helen. Helen quickly caught the vintage motoring bug and instantly entered Prescott in the now repaired infamous B&Q Special. With personal circumstances changing for the better and a wedding on the horizon, the Frazer Nash was sold, and in May 2010, Tom left employment to pursue his passion full-time. In the October of that year, Tom Hardman Limited was incorporated.
What makes Tom Hardman Limited unique
Unlike many of his competitors, Tom’s career background has been outside the vintage and historic car auction scene and indeed, the associated historic car dealer circuit. Instead, Tom founded the business purely on the premise that he felt he could offer something new to this busy market place, centered traditionally in the South East of the UK. Tom Hardman Limited’s whole reason for being is to deliver a solid, consistent and above all, professional service; one that delivers to its clients time and time again. A way of life as well as a business, Tom Hardman Limited has been formed with real passion for both the vintage motoring scene and the cars and people within it, along with a desire to continue the family’s legacy in the old car movement.
Located in God’s own country…
Far from being ‘grim up north’, the Ribble Valley, along with the Forest of Bowland, have some of the countrys finest driving raods, along with award winning hotels and gastro pubs, which is well-served by the national road and rail network is also close to Manchester airport for the company’s international visitors. Located on a farm that was the stomping ground of the late JR Tolkien during his school days at nearby Stonyhurst College, the boathouse adjacent to Tom’s premises was the inspiration for that featured in the Lord of Rings trilogy. This provides a fitting period background to test drive your car of choice on the two or so miles of private roads that serve the showroom.
Five years on….
Since its formation, the business has gone from strength to strength, with a strong ‘black book’ of repeat customers (both sellers and buyers) and a superb network of suppliers to help enhance the customer’s experience, be it trimmers, paint shops or insurers. The company now boasts its own ‘tracked’ transportation facilities to ensure that both sellers and buyers alike can enjoy a ‘hassle-free’ experience from start to finish demonstrating that in everything the company does the ethos is to over-deliver. THL Private is a relatively new departure for the business, which appreciates that clients may wish to keep their car at home whilst benefitting from the extensive advertising and brokering services offered. This is another example of the fact that it is appreciated that every client’s needs are different.

Clients of Tom Hardman Ltd are appreciative of how pro-active the company is and the quality and profile of the online marketing and unmistakably vibrant branding. We are tenacious in our mission to place the best cars with the right owners and are proud to maintain exceptional relationships with both our buyers and sellers.

If you think we can help you to sell or find a vintage or historic car, please do call us on +44 (0)7803 585628 or come and visit us. We would be delighted to see you.
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